We have graduated our first Online Coding Bootcamp!

This autumn we went on a learning journey with a team of brave participants on our first remote international JavaScript program – the Online Coding Bootcamp. They just graduated and we met up with tired but happy learner Artur Krauze and head teacher Philip Nagler-Frank for their view on this journey.

During the 10 week bootcamp the class with participants from Norway, Finland and Sweden met up each day in the digital classroom for a full day of coding together with AW Academy teachers. As all our programs the foundation is The AW Academy Way and our pedagogical methods making sure the education is both effective and qualitative.

Hi Artur, tell us about yourself!

Sure, I’m originally from Poland, but 7 years ago I decided to change my life and move by myself to the most beautiful country I now know and call my home, Norway. Ever since making the choice to move to Norway I have set challenging goals for myself and I have always known hard work would lead me to success.

So, how come you applied to Online Coding Bootcamp?

I really wanted to go study but couldn’t afford being a full-time student in Norway. I had to work, but in the meantime tried to learn coding on my own. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos about programming while I was working and then COVID-19 hit. I lost my job, but I was lucky enough to get support from the government. I told myself, now is the perfect time to make a new change, and it led me to where I am now. I started to look for different schools providing Bootcamps and high intensity training. I considered different solutions, but in the end I chose AW Academy. Why? I think I was intrigued by the format of Accelerated Learning and how it works. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to get the work-related experience I needed to get a job in IT.

What is your experience with AW Academy?

First AW Academy is built on talented, experienced and kind people. From start to finish the experience has been solid. Starting with the Bootcamp managers who took care of us from interview, through introduction-week, and follow-ups during the course. To our amazing teacher, who supported us, gave guidance and knowledge. No matter if we worked on a project or not, we had set routines. Meeting in the morning, sharing our recent struggles and breakthroughs and then jumping straight into the learning process. In the second week we were already creating our own game. Most of us had similar backgrounds, so we were challenged every day. Our experienced teacher knew exactly how to lead eleven different personalities. We received feedback every day as a group and half-way through had a face to face talk with our teacher and manager, where we talked about our progress, our challenges and wishes. This was very helpful as we got to know what we could improve and what we should focus on going forward, motivating us to work harder. Every Friday we received a questionnaire giving us the opportunity to share our opinions regarding the progress, lectures and everything else regarding the Bootcamp. They later followed up and tried to meet our needs.

What do you think about Accelerated Learning?

As I mentioned before I was really intrigued by the concept of Accelerated Learning. I did some research and I knew this kind of learning could fit me very well. If you put together strong motivation and will, Accelerated Learning at AW Academy is going to help you with achieving your goals. High tempo and working with real world work centered problems allows you to move quickly towards your goals. There’s no doubt this way of learning is effective and has great benefits for people like me, looking for an opportunity to change their lives.  

Tell us about your graduation project?

Our graduation project, yes it was a great teamwork, was put together by three personalities, all with different interests, preferences and know-hows. Throughout the Bootcamp we got the possibility to see how our teacher was structuring his work and ideas, which was essential for our workflow on day one. We structured our work, assigned expectations and thanks to this approach we managed to achieve our planned goals as a group. We created Visualizar. Visualizar is an upcoming Instagram killer, giving the user the possibility to upload pictures and view other creators’ pictures. It was two weeks of really hard work. We had our ups and downs, with feelings of success as well as disappointments, but we always had our mentor, who pointed us to where we could get the answers. The last two weeks, working on the final project, as a team, taught me the most. Teamwork, working on a project, from idea to a presentable product, acquiring knowledge and putting it to use. There are still a couple of features we could add to our project, and who knows, maybe 2021 is going to be the year of Visualizar, so stay tuned.

What do you look forward to after graduation?

I completed my first step to change my career. It’s been intense and I’m going to miss the amazing people I became friends with through a camera lens. But this was just the start. I would love to get a job where I can make full use of the knowledge I’ve gathered so far, with the possibility to explore and get challenged to learn new skills. There’s always place for improvement and I am finally on a career path where I can grow and develop by the challenges I put in front of me. AW Academy gave me a foundation to become someone I really want to be in future. Who knows, maybe in some years, I could be the same inspiration for students as my teacher was to me.

A very important person in the Online Coding Bootcamp is, as you can read, our head teacher Philip Nagler-Frank.

So Philip, what can you say about the progress of the class from the start up until graduation?

I have seen once again how Accelerated Learning can provide all the skills to tackle advanced software development tasks in just a short time. After we at AW Academy were surprised by the need to move our classes to pure remote learning earlier this year, we learned and adapted the program for this new setting and were able to deliver a learning experience optimized for the online classroom. The international participants grew together through learning and project work almost as if we would have spent all those weeks together in the same room.

Are you interested in taking the same learning journey as Artur? During spring 2021 we will open up admissions to the next Online Coding Bootcamp, stay tuned via our sendouts or send your interest to admissions@awacademy.eu. Through that email you can also send your questions about the concept or direct one to Artur or Philip.

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